Bowling King hack

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don’t play this game

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  1. and wuts the point in getting the game of your not even going to play? save the winnings and games for the people who have fun with this app instead of the losers who have to hack to get a perfect game…

  2. Don't play with Marv the fagget.fucken queer stole my chips .If u see the name Marv from the USA,don't play with this fagget ass queer .he will steel your chips because he is to much ah fagget to win his own

  3. This made some me really sad , because I really like this game. I don't readily play game on my iPad, iPhone till I started playing this game, I can't believe I have been spending money on a game, that some one can do this from a Computer. They should fix it where it can only be played on a iPad or a phone

  4. Until then, I still cannot defeat American Because they play very good, that's why I always bad luck every time. So If American always win unlimited streak, even you still don't get enough just don't stop it forever!!!!!! Keep defeat anyone in the world as you like!!!!!! No more excuse AGAIN!!!!!! You're so Overestimate this !!!!!!

  5. Hey 102003000, may you please help me in bowling kings? i tried bot maker but can't root(tried a lot), and i was hoping could you give me some million coins in bowling kings? since you have a lot so may you help me? I'll give you my ID: 014094789 …… Please add me and give me some million coins i beg you. also my Facebook : Ashir Naeem…….so we can chat there. thank you very much. please reply Or help soon.

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