Boot Time Test Comparison Iphone 4s vs HTC Trophy

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This video shows 2 tests.
Iphone 4s is running a dual core processor where as HTC trophy is a single core.
Still though, both phones essentially boot up at the same time. Both phones boot up in under 1 minute.

Please note: Boot times don’t really mean much. Your phone is always on so rarely will you need to boot your phone from scratch. This video was just made to test the boot up times for comparison/testing reasons. I was surprised at the results that I found.

* iphone 4s was a clean phone with no installed apps. Running iOS 6.1.3
* HTC trophy is my current phone with all types of apps/e-mail/etc loaded onto it. Running windows 7.5. Still waiting for 7.8 update.

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

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