BlackBerry Z10 vs Samsung Galaxy S III

The new BlackBerry broke cover right before our eyes in Canada last week, and you said “show us the software!” So we did. You said “show us the hardware!” We did that, too. You wanted to know our first impressions. We gave them to you. You wanted to see it do battle with Windows Phone 8. We granted your wish – twice. You asked how it compared to Android. We answered your question with a Note II. And now it’s time to answer it again – this time, with the reigning king of the Android smartphone landscape, the super-popular Galaxy S III.

We know you’d like a BlackBerry-to-stock-Android comparison, folks, but our company Nexus 4 is on assignment deep in the bowels of our Pennsylvania headquarters. We’ve tried to confine the comparison to traits common to all versions of Android, though, so TouchWiz or no, we assure you this video is worth your time. Dive on in to see these platforms do battle in terms of hardware, interface, multitasking, ecosystems, and cameras, and stay tuned for…

17 Comments on BlackBerry Z10 vs Samsung Galaxy S III

  1. I feel so bad for blackberry. I used to be a fan boy lol now they remind me of bitter losers who waited to long to jump on the wagon. Google did it shamelessly now look at them, yeah you can say they copied Apple but who cares its better for US the consumers.

  2. I have the Z10 for over a year….almost 2 years tbh.

    It's way better that the Z10 you have in the video. Let alone the S3.
    Browser is so fast.
    Camera excellent. 

    I had Samsung phone before, but after using the Z10, I'll never using Samsung anymore.

    If I want to upgrade my phone, I'll will still go for Blackberry.

  3. Actually i like BlackBerry as a company and as phones, but the company does not create a program can install some applications like Android does ! Thats whay i use Galaxcy S||| 

  4. Every phones has a good quality..Android phones, Apple, and Blackberry are just the same..the important is you have a phone to communicate your family and your friends. No hard feelings people

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