BlackBerry Z10 – One Month Later

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BlackBerry Z10 – One Month Later

So many smartphones cycle through the TechnoBuffalo offices that it becomes difficult to keep track of what’s what. Often times, we’ll test a phone out during a one or two week stretch in order to make a determination in our final review. But beyond that, phones either get sent back or sit in gadget purgatory. Rarely do we provide our opinion one month later.

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26 Comments on BlackBerry Z10 – One Month Later

  1. Like the Blackberry very much (screen,size, weight,operation) except the less apps available and…the batterylife.
    Ordered a stronger (4500Mah vs 1800Mah standard) battery, but is thicker..
    See if it's better, i think so..

  2. I have just bought a Z30, and i like it. don't need those exclusive android apps on my phone. Its like some one buying a ford and wanting it to be a chevrolet


    BB has collaborated with Amazon and now both appstores come pre-installed on your z10.  You can get almost all the Android apps, and the one you can't you can just sideload.

  4. Im trying to decide at the moment between my Blackberry z10 and Nexus 5 since i need to sell one. I started out with the nexus 5 and only recently got the blackberry. The nexus is definitely better built, its the first phone ive had in a while that I havnt had a case for and its still good as new. I have been putting cases on the blackberry it just dosnt seem as slid as the nexus vs scratches im not worried about dropping it. In general the blackberry os is just very awkward, i definitely prefer having a home button, swiping up all the time gets annoying. And the general look of the OS is outdated, comparing apps like facebook/ instagram between the tw the nexus is much nicer. Blackberry hub isnt that great really, i mean its not exactly going out of my way to hit the email icon on my nexus to see my emails, same with facebook etc. The cameras are pretty much the same, though since the nexus is with android there are much better editing apps. 

  5. Very positive and don't worry about getting one BlackBerry is going to be around and it is better when it comes to certain things like multi tasking and efficiency! BB10 does it 10X Better!!! 

  6. I love the blackberry gestures so much that I had sold my Q10 to try iPhone for first time since everyone said oh get a iPhone it's so much better, well it's not once you used gestures and only need one motion to turn your device on compared to iPhone first push a button then swipe to right gees I just want to see what I've missed or need to do. Then with all your messages from all your social and email messages in one spot is so much better I hate opening so many different apps to check my messages. BB10 needs more credit it's an amazing system with no lag I can't comment on bb10 enough about how good it really is. I have now bought a BB 10 device from BB own website and will have it in 2 days. Unlike iPhone that has to update every few weeks bb10 only needs to update about 1-2 times a year. It's a very secure server for email use and privacy. More people should go to bb once you learn swipes and gestures it becomes addictive. You actually realize how much time you use to waste opening and closing so many apps. I actually was surprised how much extra time I had just by being able to check my hub for messages and manage them. All the free time was like well what am I going to do now? I am forever a bb fan since I've now tried what so many people believe iPhone to be the best ever, they are wrong BB deserves more credit. Never again will I believe the ISheep. Please bb get to my house ASAP I need you back :-)

  7. BTW, you can now install "quite a few" (70-80% of) android apps, if you are really that desperate to share your data with Google – not that I care.

    Great phone, I almost got it – thank god a week before the planned purchase the z30 was announced and it is the best phone I have had to date, beats iOS for business, Android is not even competing in the same league.

  8. so your saying that this phone is not bad but its not good… i think the real question here is is, am i gonna use all the features of this phone?
    and the other thing is if you can port some app from google play like, lets say instagram and whatsapp wouldnt you just do that because you said it and you actually did do it so i dont have much to think or complain i have a samsung s4 and a z10 and for texting and mail z10 hands down best phone for games and junk s4

  9. Excellent review. I prefer the Z10 over my Android device. I keep my sim in my Z10 as my daily driver for phone, messaging, calendaring, multimedia and browsing. I keep my Android at home for gaming. 

  10. Ummm… A mobile phone review without any mention of how the "device" performs as a… phone?  
    How about call quality etc?
    Oh, and I believe it handles Adobe Flash content rather well?
    Lets not mention security though, the NSA would LOVE the masses to use anything as secure as a BB ;)

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