BlackBerry Z10 – Confessions of an Android User

Josh spends some time with the new touchscreen BlackBerry and is here to share his thoughts.

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32 Comments on BlackBerry Z10 – Confessions of an Android User

  1. BB is fantastic. Ya sure, not alot of apps. But remember that they have built a new OS from the ground up. So you can;t complain cause it also runs android apps. Also, the long boot u time. Remember that BB is focused on security. When the phone boots up, the OS is checking each individual piece of hardware to make sure its all the same and untampered. GO SECURITY!

  2. Have you ever complain the Android? Because in this video I can clearly see the BBB hater is commenting. For the price, you can not find better phone with the same hardware + android. After fews update, androind phones become laggy and slower then normal. Just another shit BB hater video.

  3. oh my i could not deal with that phone coming from a galaxy s3 i would die lol i love all the crazy customization i can do and  my widgets and my app store! lol id be set back 5 years buying that thing when my contract is up…. i had hope for blackberry but…….

  4. Sup Mr Josh. Ihave a Q10 ilove it's Great battery life and it's a good phone I am happy with it. But now I am waiting for. The new BlackBerry Passport I'm getting it soon my new baby I will replace my Q10 

  5. Buy the latest samsung device, first thing I do is never use any of the gimmicks samsung loads it up with, then I install a custom rom.

    Buy the latest blackberry, out of the box no customization required for the best experience.

  6. I'd really like to see more of BlackBerry in the future. I really like the Z10 and its design. Its very appealing and I could see myself buying one if I werent so dependent on Android….

  7. A Good video Android Authority! kindly Help me how to install android apps in Z10 ? Specially show me how to install Viber ?
    I will be very thankful to you .
    I am specially waiting for your reply.

  8. In OS 10.2 it now can install and use lots of android apps. The battery life all depends on how many apps you install. I cut back on quite a few apps and it lasts me most of the day. Although yes I would have liked to see a larger capacity battery. The OS? That is why it went from 7-10. This OS is a completely different animal. Great phone, I like my Blackberry, yes they have made mistakes but this time around the OS is terrific. Now they have instant previews so you don't need to touch the hub all the time.

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