Blackberry Priv VS LG V10 – Speed & Camera Test!

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Today we compare snapdragon 808 devices in Speed and Camera New Blackberry Priv and LG V10

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28 Comments on Blackberry Priv VS LG V10 – Speed & Camera Test!

  1. Good comparison but things like making sure the camera isn't blocked so we can see the actual camera turn on would be nice and also, you closed GTA once the v10 loaded it so the Privy never finished and then you opened the game again during multitasking reviewing and stated the v10 was stole quicker, yet the privy still didn't load it fully like the v10 did at first. Just my observations..I just broke my v10 and am debating on the privy, but I love the camera and ruggedness and audio amp with dual screen on lg.. tough decision

  2. Very nice video here. I love that the priv is keeping up to these top android phones and its Blackberry's first attempt and they already getting multitasking better than samsung. I think the fact that the priv runs fully encrypted and the v10 does not is the reason for some of the delays we see.

  3. TBH the I preferred the Priv camera's colors in all of the images except the music statue image. The video was much better as well, except for that slow focus. I'm torn between both phones, but I'll probably go with the Priv.

  4. the v10 has the same battery size as the g4 but has a bigger screen and a secondary screen and fingerprint scanner etc. so the battery life is quite poor right?

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