BlackBerry Priv vs BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition Experience – The NewsReel

I put my BlackBerry Priv experience up against the tried and true BlackBerry Passport in this video.

I’m sticking mainly to the software experiences on both as BlackBerry intended them. This is not a BlackBerry vs Android video. For my thoughts on Android and BlackBerry 10, check out these videos:

Click here to see me compare the BlackBerry Priv to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

BlackBerry Priv Review:

BlackBerry Priv Accessories Unboxing:

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0:52 – OS/Hub Comparison

4:22 – Typing Experience

6:11 – Internet Browsing

7:17 – The Apps

8:30 – Hardware Highlights

9:00 – Multitasking

9:30 – Device Observations

10:52 – Camera Discussion

11:25 – Conclusions

13:05 – The Pros & Cons

14:49 – BlackBerry Rant

15:58 – SD Card Issue

17:00 – Closing

20 Comments on BlackBerry Priv vs BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition Experience – The NewsReel

  1. Really good video. I'm just not an Android person. I love the BB OS and I also use Windows OS. Not a iOS or android person at all. I love the dogs helping you out. The Priv is so overpriced.

  2. Thank you soo much for the video! I'm a big bb10 fan, and the language selection was a question in my mind with many others.. As a bb10 user It upsets me that minimal effort has been made on marketing bb10.. I don't remember a commercial! I love the swipe gestures and convenience of bb10.. I liked the look of the passport, but for me the z30 was perfect.. I understand BlackBerry has to make money, and has chosen to push the priv with Android, but I'm not impressed.. with the lack of support not from apps like Facebook, and WhatsApp on bb10 I will eventually jump ship and it won't be a BlackBerry android (hoping the "rumors" of the windows surface phone becomes a reality). It appears all creativity and effort in bb10 has been abandoned.. I don't see anything the Priv has to offer in relation to security that Samsung doesn't.. I heard Chen himself say Knox was just as equal.. no thanks! I'm out, and thinking of something new.. I can't support a company that uses its own software like qnx on other Ventures, but doesn't stand behind it enough in the mobile market so they use android and don't even have a commercial to show an effort.. It shows where their interest are for the loyalist who kept them on life support. Sorry for those who actually read my rant.. haha! Maybe I'll just get a prepaid flip phone! lmao!

  3. In love with my blackberry passport, I broke it a while ago, was thinking to upgrade it to the priv but guess I'll stick with the passport silver edition. though it annoys me occasionally since its a two handed device, sucks to respond to quick texts while driving, but this phone is beautifully built and very productive. Thank you for the video!

  4. I have both phones and also galaxy phone. I love reader mode on bb passport but this is missing on the priv and other android phones. Bad money drives out good. I know.

  5. You vent my frustrations perfectly – I own a Z30 and also use google play services for maps. It broke for me also but I got it working again with updates to the patched files. I really wish they'd just make things work on the BB10 OS so android runs perfectly within. I hate android so much but it hurts to not have a 100% blackberry OS experience without android experience for maps, IOTs.

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