BlackBerry Priv – Scratch Test, Burn Test, Bend Test

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This video shows the durability of the Blackberry Priv, The Newest Android Smart phone from Blackberry.

A good smart phone repair tool kit can be found here:


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48 Comments on BlackBerry Priv – Scratch Test, Burn Test, Bend Test

  1. I will never understand how people mess up their phones. Never scratched or droped phones. I see people alot with their screens in half. ill never understand how clumsy can u be to break something like a phone.

  2. Ok this phone has made me paranoid about the camera lens. I still didn't take the OEM lens plastic.

    Can anyone recommend or perhaps tells me that it doesn't scratch that easily?

  3. I like the systemic way you performed the scratch test. That's very interesting way to illustrate the level of scratch resistant the device is. I always wondered about how scratch resistant the cell phone camera is on phones. That's great you pointed that out with a scratch test!

  4. I'm curious about how the phone acts after having a scrack in the display.
    for instance, my old sony xperia phones which i believe had similar plastic ambled displays, if i even got a tiny crack anywhere on the display the touch screen wouldn't work anymore and the entire thing became useless.
    for this reason id prefer an iPhone because time and time again iPhones will still work with cracked or even shattered glass. but now I'm torn between an iPhone 6 or blackberry priv.
    any knowledge on this?

  5. i really like your testing strategy, its comprehensive and informative, and you are the only one that i have seen that does the mohs test, and it makes me curious what my phone(the 2013 moto x) would score on that test

  6. This will probably be the only phone from blackberry I actually think looks good. Still think the use of a physical keyboard is very outdated but it's what there known for. Still think it's crazy how much they charge off contract for the phone.

  7. I cannot imagine defacing a phone just to demonstrate the level of damage that can be done to it. I hope this man has someone sponsoring him for the cost of this phone. It is a rather expensive phone.

    I have the PRIV. I like this phone a lot. This phone on Android, the Passport and others on OS10 are the best phones BB ever produced. Personally, I like the BB phones over the others.

    BB did a terrific job on the design of the PRIV on Android. Other than some of the screen gestures, and some of the ways the menu systems work, the PRIV is very similar to the Z30, and Z10 way of working. Actually it would be close to the Passport in many ways. On the PRIV, I rarely use the mechanical slide-out keyboard. I got very used to the Z30 virtual keyboard.

    Overall, I like the PRIV a lot. I take very great care to not scratch or damage this phone.

  8. Why some people puting hating coments on every PRIV video , its ordinary android phone with hi-end CPU Screen GPU and Camera and its also secured by BlackBerry whitch is even better, its like you posting hatin coments on Samsung videos or every other Android video.

    Think about it.Wouldn't you like to have Snapdragon 808 Hexa-core 3GBRam CPU in your pocket which is covered in 5.4 QuadHD 560ppi screen (Yes it is QuadHD screen)

  9. why would you do a bend test then say that its not fair to do a bend test with a slider phone… wtf is this guy burning phones for? but one thing for sure is that it passed the moron test!

  10. Please ignore the hate comments. And keep on doing whatever you are doing. Guys whining and saying how not scratching one phone can save a life in Africa needs to shut up. You people have no idea how excited I was to get my LG G2 back in the day and after using it for a month the camera lens scratched so bad. Same happened with the Moto G 2nd Gen. I was so heartbroken and had to sell those for a very low price. There are other scratch test videos on YouTube but sadly they don't do the camera lens test. Thank you this shows how durable the phone really is. I bought the X Play after watching your video knowing it wont scratch with normal use. Much appreciated :)

  11. Hmm, I've always found that a slider assembly implies increased bend durability, due to the two metal plates involved adding rigidity…but then, that was in ye olden days of landscape sliders, and when using steel in a phone's construction didn't automatically annoy everyone.

    Would have preferred a more realistic bend test, e.g. with the slider shut and pressure on the middle of the screen (as if it'd been slipped into a back pocket, forgotten, then sat on). I don't think the situation you demonstrated – where the "chin" of the phone would be bent away from the screen – is common at all in comparison.

  12. Great video. The test I'm looking for is a drop test. while searching for that I stumbled across your video. I still hope someone out there would do a drop test on the priv. subscribed!

  13. I just received my Blackberry Priv… in Canada… and there are a few issues! There is a huge amount of confusion among wireless retailer's staff, as well as Blackberry's own technical support people, as to which models have wireless charging capability i.e., Qi /PMA. The models sold through most retailers, STV100-3 is NOT WIRELESS CHARGING COMPATIBLE. I had to purchase my Blackberry Priv directly from where the model sold is the STV100-1, which is wireless charging compatible. All that said, I specifically wanted the wireless charging capability because my new car, a 2016 Toyota Camry has Qi wireless charging pad on the console. However when my Blackberry Priv is fitted with the authentic BB leather case which I purchased from the same website, IT WILL NOT CHARGE. Also, the Priv comes with 1 Year of Complimentary Technical Support. Having tried to access the support line I am unable to connect. When visiting Blackberry's support website, the fine print says, IT MAY NOT BE REACHABLE BY CELLULAR PHONE CUSTOMERS! Isn't that just a shame, that a cellular phone company cannot service customers via cellular service, who have shelled out over $1000 dollars for their product! Aside from this, the phone is sleek and sexy and really cool. Pity about the customer service.

  14. I'm a bit disappointed that you came short of bending this one in half, and basically instructed the viewers to use our imagination… especially after all you gave us with the Nexus 6p (parts 1 and 2). The reason I subscribed to your channel is because of how well you stood up for yourself and made that second bend test video. I thought that was ballsy. I feel like you didn't want to deal with backlash making this video and shied away from it. I sure didn't subscribe for two thirds of the "scratch, burn, and bend" test video.

    Bend that sucker in half and let the BlackBerry fanbois deal with it….

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