BlackBerry PRIV Review

It’s a big moment for BlackBerry: for the first time ever, they are going all-Android with the PRIV. This is our review of the new slider smartphone that tries to unite BlackBerry security, Android, a big touchscreen, and a physical QWERTY keyboard all in one.

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30 Comments on BlackBerry PRIV Review

  1. it has only one negative aspect for me – i love smaller phones and this one is too big.

    btw. I am happy and suprised that even with Android on board BB is still the best – for example with this amazing touch keyboard.

    This device is beautifull but as i said before too big for me.

    I wish that Blackberry will make some phone whit BB10 OS or at least with their modified Android but in more compact size like my Blackberry Z10 has.

    Love BB from Poland.

  2. in the beginning there was bb, after I switched to iPhone it was the 4s I thought I wasn't Goin to like it but I love everything about apple now, my heart will always be with bb I'm just waiting on the rite one but I'm definitely going back home to my bb.

  3. So location, connection, Bluetooth headset support and call quality is all done poorly.

    Those don't sound like things highly mobile business people care about at all.

  4. The first three phones I ever purchased were Samsung Galaxy phones. The only problem I had was when I went to my cottage on Prince Edward Island I would have no signal with my Samsung. When I had the opportunity to buy a Blackberry Z10 for $200 I purchased it and when I went over to my cottage the phone actually Worked. At first when I would come back to Nova Scotia I would pop the Sim card back into my Samsung and use that and when I was going to my cottage I would pop it into the BlackBerry for my trip to the Island.

    The more I started using the Z10 the more I liked it with the hub and I got to the point where I was not using my Samsung at all anymore. I don't play games on my phone so the lack of apps on BlackBerry world did not really bother me that much. Even now when we have access to Amazon apps I can't think of one app that I downloaded from Amazon. But that is beside the point.

    I have since upgraded to the BlackBerry Leap for the bigger screen and was surprised at how fast this phone is and the battery life is superb. I can get a day and a half easy and most times two days before having to charge the phone. It took just over two hours for a full charge from 24%.

    I am not claiming the BlackBerry 10 OS is a better OS than Android or the iPhone OS all I'm saying is right now I preferred the BlackBerry 10 OS to the Android. I was never a fan of the Apple so I cannot comment on those.

  5. There was a time when a physical keyboard was a must – I loved them back in the day. Until…. swipe. Now that the default keyboards on both windows and android support swipe style input they are vastly superior to the speed you can get with a physical keyboard or even an iphone keyboard with or without autocorrect. I can type almost as fast on my phone as I can on my laptop, which is about 60wpm. Good luck doing that on a physical keyboard.

    This still looks like a great phone for those who find swiping tricky to learn.

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