Blackberry Priv Review

My full review of the Blackberry Priv!

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31 Comments on Blackberry Priv Review

  1. Finger print sensor is more a convenience feature than a security feature. Actually it's more a security risk considering that people can unlock your phone when you are sleeping or knocked off. Getting your password will be so much harder than getting your finger print…. but yes, you can unlock your phone way faster.

  2. The reason that the Priv doesn't have a fingerprint sensor is for security reasons. In many western countries you cannot be forced to disclose your password as it is something you know not something you have. Courts have already ruled that a fingerprint is like a key, something you have, so you can be compelled to use it. This is something businesses don't want so they can protect their data and privacy, not to mention avoiding an accidental leak of embarrassing info.

    Also if they implement a pin and print scheme people would complain and often stop using the print all together.

    Plus with prep work they can be hacked anyway.

  3. Ok…in your video example when you were walking through what looked a supermarket I saw a row of Redbulls, was that a Lime Redbull that I saw on the left??! if so where do you live? I'm in NE PA and everyone Redbull rep I ask says they're discontinued!
    Great review by the way, I've always been a fan of BB, even though I haven't owned since '07.

  4. Average in nearly everything department at best, apart from the price, which is way too much. No Marshmallow at launch is bad and no fingerprint scanner is typical BB, they miss all the obvious trends? I would not buy a phone without one now. Anyway these will be selling on eBay for half retail in a few months so if you are a fanboy I would wait till then.
    Cheers for a very fair and comprehensive review.

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