BlackBerry PRIV impressions – All about that keyboard

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In today’s market, the BlackBerry-made PRIV is unique. With so may devices that all look the same on the Android market, this is the first physical keyboard equipped flagship in years. Its combination of hardware keys and a great software QWERTY make it one of the best communication devices around.

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12 Comments on BlackBerry PRIV impressions – All about that keyboard

  1. I think we're in the same boat in regards to BlackBerry.
    BlackBerry hardware, typing (physical and on-screen), communications.
    BlackBerry just knows how to do it.
    And it kinda goes back to the roots of what smartphones were supposed to do; to help us communicate.

  2. cool. i“m a long time BlackBerry user who's trying the priv out at this moment. what i'm finding with the qwerty is it feels a bit thin, doesn't seem cramped to me. I feel like it will be better when I put the seidio convert case on it. elevation of a few millimetres should make a world of difference. cheers.

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