Blackberry Priv 30 Day Challenge – Day 30 (Pros, Cons and Conclusion)

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Blackberry Priv 30 Day challenge – Day 30!

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34 Comments on Blackberry Priv 30 Day Challenge – Day 30 (Pros, Cons and Conclusion)

  1. Before Windows updated, I loved how I could check my contacts list and have my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds on it. It just made it so much easier. I'm considering this phone for my new daily driver.

  2. finally, a tech head who brings hip-hop to the landscape of review soundtracks!!! Don't get it twisted–dubstep is fine and dandy, and I love the genre's offerings…but it's refreshing to hear some grimy yet soulful hip-hop!! Excellent choice!

    Hip-Hop Homework approves!



  3. Very nice video. i also agree on the price. I too held out until i could get it cheaper. People always mention the battery and comparing it to other flagships but I think its a amazing that its getting similar Screen On times with other phones considering its powering a full qwerty keyboard and not just any a touch sensitive one. That must be consuming a good chunk per day with the backlight, the always on touch gestures and so forth. Plus the priv is pushing one of the highest PPI out there. Not making any excuses tho, hopefully now that marshmallow is out doze will make it better.

  4. Just wondering if you still have it? If battery life is your primary concern, try signing up for the Marshmallow beta, you'd be positively surprised. I have it and it made a huge difference.

  5. Very good review, fair and unbiased. However you (and every other reviewer) overlook one very important point pertaining to the price point of the Priv….the sliding mechanism for the physical keyboard. That's an additional component the other phones you mentioned don't have to factor into their production cost.

  6. Man I work an an office setting too and I really really wanted to like the blackberry classic but frankly they were just too late to the OS game. Your review of the priv is making me want to give it a try. I love my iPhone but idk something about a blackberry still calls out to me.

  7. Hey thanks for the video. I got my Priv about a week after the launch. Have only had BlackBerrys for the past 9 years (Apple is the devil) because I refuse to not have an active keyboard (on which I am typing this message now). My only downfall is the battery life as well and I also have had an issue with it not well. I wanted to know if you had this issue too with the phone being plugged it while watching let's say a YouTube video and the power decreasing at a slow rate?

  8. I was so excited about this phone got it and the phone over heated so bad it killed the battery tool it back and it happened to the second one. So got an LG v10 and I am so happy. To bad I was so looking forward to this phone. I read that T-mobile is reporting this problem also.

  9. You missed one thing – blackberry customer service is the worst among all the phone companies, possibly the worst of all companies of any thing you can buy. I had a BB Passport which I loved, a screen lift problem in month nine, and after an hour on the phone they agreed to a replacement. The replacement arrived with a bad SIM card reader. Ok, stuff happens. Their solution? A replacement. That third replacement arrived with a bad battery. Their next solution? Another replacement. I wish I were joking. I asked for a store credit for the remaining value ($300 out of $650 I originally paid) instead of a replacement, and they said no. What! I want to get the Priv, I'm trying to hand them more dollars. Six bloody hours of replacement and re-testing I've spent. The competition at Apple? A kid looks at it in person and swaps everything or offers a credit and you're out of there in an hour. I will not allow my company to buy blackberry anymore. Which is a damn shame. I really liked BB.

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