BlackBerry Passport vs Samsung Galaxy S5

Comparison of the new Blackberry Passport with the Samsung Galaxy S5. Subscribe for more videos!!

More info on the Samsung S5:
Info on the BlackBerry Passport:

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37 Comments on BlackBerry Passport vs Samsung Galaxy S5

  1. Based on my years of experience with both Samsung and BlackBerry, the experience with the Passport is undoubtedly unique. For someone often in meetings and on the move who needs to be widely connected, to type many notes and expects reliability, Passport is the answer.  There are too many qualities to say about this device and its possibilities, just that it will be difficult of find something better on the market now. 

  2. Add in blackberry blend which takes your phone and puts it onto any OS computer, laptop or tablet, you can send and receive emails, texts, bbm, view your notifications, Hands down the best feature you can ask for that you will use daily. 

  3. most of us were addicted to the blackberry ,and we simply never want to use anything else .the android phones are now the phone to have .my advice to blackberry out shine the competition and bring back your X Users !a tough competition is still ahead .

  4. BB is the best 😀 hehe the phone choose the one using it NOT the one choose BB. that is why only one who have a knowledge about BB to be chosen. So let spend time on BB and you will know why ^^!

  5. can someone tell me which OS from these devices that's the primary OS on F-18 fighter jets, Predator drone, International Space center, Bently's Infotainment system and Medical device? can someone take a big guess?

  6. I love everything about the passport EXCEPT viewing videos/pics.  To me thats a deal breaker – most use their phones quite a bit for videos, etc.  I'm passing on the Passport

  7. When comparing the sound you should talk about the phones DAC. This is the most important piece for sound. I know my Z10 uses a wolfsen192khz DAC that produces good sound on its speaker and amazing sound on the headphones. My headphone output is strong enough to clip the inputs of a lot a great receivers. I would like to know what the DAC is in the passport. Thanks

  8. I'm a little baffled.  When you discuss the BBPP keyboard and how additional keys will show up on the screen when needed, why don't you JUST SHOW IT when you are talking about it!!!  Do you discuss the Amazon App Store and Snap this time?  Do you actually discuss phone calls and the superior antenna design?

  9. The Passport also comes preloaded with the Amon Appstore, which gives access to over 240000 Android apps. It also have BlackBerry Guardian which scans apps for malware. 

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