BlackBerry Passport STILL SUCKS!!! + Last BlackBerry Video

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BlackBerry Passport Update! If its still relevant to get this phone at the end of 2015!
And one of my last BlackBerry Videos!

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41 Comments on BlackBerry Passport STILL SUCKS!!! + Last BlackBerry Video

  1. +ItsmeJC bro I have a sony xperia z5 premium
    battery life = idk it lasts me 3 days…
    overall the specs are like much better and there is android so unlike blackberry I don't have facebook and whatsapp stopping support for my os… so in short blackberry passport is pure bullshit… the only reason I like blackberry passport is that I get people asking me what phone is that! so to sum it up blackberry is bullshit and Iam happy it's dead

  2. @ItsmeJC Hey I don't like the way way you said it! You shouldn't make it about us! JC it's about you now! I own my Passport for like 8 month or so, love it, came to BB from Nexus 4 mostly because of your videos. And now if you ask me to spare a buck or two fuck I'm in. But stop making videos!? "Comedy side" ??? My wife was laughing her * off when you was talking about IPhones! You are the "comedy side" yourself! I'm allowed to say it, I'm not your subscriber 🙂 We love you anyway. Cheers from BC.

  3. Lol funny video. I saw your first hate video and it was comical. Seeing this it came to a review with comical elements which was still pretty funny. I agree it's about buying flowers for a special someone so they don't find out ?? I'd say move into the comedy side for sure. Im on the Priv and I was looking to see BB10 on the Passport because I missed it. This definitely makes me wanna buy it!! Good luck JC!

  4. Keep up the good work. I always enjoyed your sarcastic humor and way of expression 😉
    But I understand your point…Even I, a long term and loyal Blackberry user now changed the sides (not Apple). I would suggest doing the same video, same style with the top Android Smartphones…if possible?! It would be a nice alternative to all the other Reviewers around! If we should not meet in Youtube again, then all the best my friend!

  5. Sorry to see you leave, but of course completely understand. Thanks for all the videos you have done on Blackberry in such a great way. Have really enjoyed them, you will be missed.

  6. my boyfriend got me a blacberry passport cherry red edition. i thought that it was just another expensive phone until i saw your bb passport hate video. i realised, i hated it too! lol.

  7. I've been doing extensive research on this device to see if it's still worth it to buy it. I've been with Android for 8 years with some iOS devices in the mix. I'm buying a passport silver edition on February 11th. I love this guy haha…just got a new subscriber!

  8. I love BlackBerry. Had the BlackBerry legacy. Then BlackBerry Q10 followed by Z30 then Classic. Wishing for the BlackBerry Passport Silver or Black edition. BlackBerry 10 OS is perfect for the BlackBerry devices. What's lacking is just the fully functional Google services to make it perfect for office work. Otherwise, I don't need an android smartphone to check my Google Sheets, Maps, YouTube app, etc. However, with the BlackBerry Priv, there's a better choice for Android fans because of the specs and security of this new Android powered BlackBerry slider. For me, I'm still hoping BlackBerry Ltd will still continue to improve BlackBerry 10 OS as it is their baby.

  9. I've bought it,but I don't recommend it.It's it keeping what is promising.Battery life sucks.Picture quality sucks .But really,not like JC says .So JC stop talking how great the phone is

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