BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition Hands On

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Its a tweaked version of the BlackBerry Passport from 2014.

The new Silver Edition Passport benefits from a stainless steel frame, more tactile feedback on the keyboard and new rounded edges.

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27 Comments on BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition Hands On

  1. I am loving this phone, battery is great about 2 days without charging it and the square design is perfect for everything but videos. Is not a huge deal for me because I have a tablet for media consumption. But for work, email and messaging it's the best in the business. 100% recommended

  2. I wanted the Blackberry Passport but the lack of apps and the video screen killed the deal. I picked up the iPhone 6s plus instead. Blackberry has a lot of upgrading to due before they get my money. I hope they figure it out because I've always loved blackberry but they did not keep up with the Apple and Samsung.

  3. Does anyone know if there is any other brand of a sync pod that is compatible with the BlackBerry Passport silver edition, besides the one that BlackBerry made for it? Thanks in advance. :)

  4. I bought the LG G4 last week. Hating the battery life (about 4 hours on time). Doing nothing over night (just updating email and downloading podcasts) and off the charger I am down to about 25% battery by morning, so thank goodness for the quick charger.

    Thinking of taking it back for either ATT BB Passport, BB Classic, or iPhone6. I only do YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram and really need Bluetooth voice guided navigation. Worried I'd miss the app world for iPhone (in case I run across an app I'd need), but I really liked the Passport and Classic I sampled at the store.

    Am I going to miss out if I go Blackberry?

  5. This is a beautiful device. The OS looks great. If I had the money I would get this phone, no question. Wouldn't be my daily driver though. (love my Note 4 too much). But this device is beastly.

    However, that BlackBerry Venice most certainly will be my next daily driver. Especially if they come out with a Silver Edition with a metal build and rounded edges.

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