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Cam reviews BlackBerry’s latest flagship device. The Passport features an innovative physical keyboard with touch sensitivity built in, a sharp 1440×1440 LCD display and one of Snapdragon’s 801 series quad-core processors. It’s beautifully made, and feels fantastic in two hands. But is it enough?

Few devices combine metal accents, chassis and plastic to such a high level. Everything from the solid body, to the slightly curved glass and metal frets between keys oozes quality and craftsmanship, and gives you piece of mind that this device will keep on going even with the most careless of business folk. What’s more, it has a battery that will last 2 days and a camera that’s half-decent (for once).

Key Specs:
4.5-inch, 1440×1440 IPS LCD display (453ppi)
32GB storage
2.26GHz Snapdragon 801 processor
Expandable storage
3,450mAh battery
Stereo Speakers
13MP camera with OIS and HDR
Runs BB OS 10.3
Physical QWERTY with touch sensitive gesture control

BlackBerry Passport keyboard…

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  1. Thanks for a great review!! It's honestly a shame that mainstream society hasn't appreciated the recent works of Blackberry! I think if app developers would get on board with creating native apps then consumers would follow or BETTER YET – consumers forget how much power they have. Instead of giving up on blackberry because of the lack of apps – show app developers and carriers what you want with your purse strings and the more people who do that will get the attention of the carriers and the developers.

  2. Dear Cam, even though Blackberry Passport is now a slightly dated phone, I'm still thinking of the possibility of having it. And I'd like to know how it handles open apps. Meaning, do those open apps keep running in the background and drain your battery while you are doing something else? Do the open ones slow down the device when they are running in the background? Many thanks, Kal

  3. This guy is kind of retarded, but he makes some good points as well. There is a large grey area with the passport, as with any phone. It intrigues me greatly but I'm not sure if it will grow on me or not. My main problem with it so far is that I can't jailbreak it like I can an iphone to get free apps and it is quite a hefty device. I'm thinking the battery life and build quality will be worth it, though, and for browsing on wifi it's the closest to a computer in your hand.

  4. I have a iPhone 6s Plus for personal use and entertainment, and the Blackberry Passport for my work phone, and I must admit, I am extremely impressed with the new Blackberry. While it does not have all the features of the iPhone, for my work applications, it's a very good device, and I'm impressed with how much work related stuff that I can do on the go on this Blackberry without having to log in with my work laptop. The typing gets a little time to get used to since I'm so used to virtual keys, but getting used to the hard keys was not has tough as I thought. Predictive text seems to work better than the iPhone as well. Overall, I'm extremely happy with the blackberry passport. Hopefully this new phone will help RIM in the long run.

  5. The device heats up like hell even inside the pocket with no running apps. The screen pops up, cracks open. Beautiful, yes. Durable an well built, NO!!!!

  6. Absolutely the sockest phone I have ever seen! It's a disgrace for the human being! Please Blackberry… Please get out from the smart phones zone.

  7. I just don't get it BlackBerry. I wonder who is running the company that would release the passport without the same keyboard as the classic. Without being able to run Android and operating system that most of the planet is running. The Venice will be a flop too, because the Passport is the ideal phone to run Android OS. Why is it that, this phone can't run media better than other phones? it has a strong processor but they just totally didn't put their hearts into it. A 4.7 inch hd screen but i can only view half of it when i watch movies. lol. Come on BlackBerry

  8. When I get my second Passport the SE, one dude saying something about my Passport at the swimming pool and he notice the read experience and the internet speed I had .

    Then he saw the logo probarly . I Thought BlackBerry is dead and we start talking. The dude has a iphone 6 and he had a BlackBerry before in the past. So I show him the hub, the real multitasking with native apps and the Android apps that are only know for switch tasking (dumb os, like ios) . He likes it and he asked me where I bought this telephone. I told him and also about BlackBerry trade up program.

    He get his iphone 6 and mailed the shop and trade up url to himself to check out later.

    Last Sunday I had to bring my son again to swimming lessons and I saw the guy again, he said "" Thank you showing the good fruit" I thought what the hell and he show me the Passport SE . He love it and he said the music experience is awesome and he can stream stuff to every TV in the house without Apple TV. I asked him if he trad up but he just sold his iphone 6 on the internet.

    I was suprised from a guy telling me almost 3 weeks ago he had a apple tablet and airbook.

  9. this phone is a beast, never been so happy with a smartphone and I had em all. Blackberry really should be noticed by more people, its super intuitive and productive. Also best build quality you can find in any device.

  10. Dude you nailed it right on the head. Blackberry is for business, business, business. It's not for everyone and that being said I wish the next reviews on the Passport will not focus on comparison between iOS and Android. They're both good phones but they are not business device's like Blackberry. So judging the Passport because you can't see your movie in full view or you're frustrated because your favorite game is not playing well on the device is a matter of poor judgment when you pick a Business phone for entertainment reasons.

  11. Blackberry has always been a more sophisticated phone. It caters to a different demographic. I use a Blackberry , and also have an iPhone. I feel the Blackberry is for the business , more professional people. I've always loved Blackberry for its email capabilities.

  12. I have an online business, i have to constantly chat and talk with people associated with my business. Should i go for passport? or should i find some other device?
    Please help

  13. When u use youtube will the screen also cut of a piece of the video? Or is that only with games? Cuz i dont play games on my phone but i do watch youtube sometimes
    And does the amazon appstore has some good usefull apps?
    And is it also possible to download stuff from the internet like Anrdoid devices?
    Because the iphone is not able to download from internet i was wondering this phone does allow that

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