BlackBerry Passport Hands-On

BlackBerry Passport Hands-On

BlackBerry Passport:


It’s been awhile since we spent any significant time with a BlackBerry device. There hasn’t been much movement in the consumer handset side, and that’s to be expected. But we were surprised (pleasantly, I might add) when the Passport was officially unveiled; we can all agree it isn’t your average smartphone. GALLERY/MORE:

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41 Comments on BlackBerry Passport Hands-On

  1. And what exactly are you going to do with a Snapdragon 801 and 3gb of ram… On a square screen? You barely need half of that on a device that makes gaming impossible.

  2. This phone is designed for work, while other phones like iphones and androids are designed mostly for being a toy, with big displays to play games and watch videos on. The blackberry has one of the best and most intuitive messaging programs ive ever seen and it is really good for things like emails and documents as well. My only complaint so far is how absolutely hideous it is and how awkward it is in my pocket, but these are still minor when compared to how good the phone is for work and running businesses.

  3. People complains how things arnt easy, small things like the off button is on the top right, the more time goes on the more things get easier for people, I cant imagine how theyre gonna react once things get hard for them when we lose electricity, theyre not gonna know how to survive

  4. Maybe it was Blackberry's intention, but this looks like a tablet to me. 

    And seriously, what are people doing to their phones to put that much stress on them to make them bend?  Try using a belt clip or  keep it in your front pocket.  The badonkadonk area isn't the best place to keep your phone.

  5. Loved the review, but wish you'd speak slower! I had a hard time keeping up with your comments as they sometimes seemed to run together. Looking forward to hearing what's next tho.

  6. I don't want to seem rude but it is hard to understand or hear the features when you swallow your words and don't enunciate properly. Just slow down a bit for us less techno savvy people!

  7. BB is known for out of the box thinking so a square phone isn't shocking to me – why not? I don't think anyone expects super fast processing from voice assistant as the technology is still in its infancy.

    With my much smaller BB Bold 9790 my face sometimes touches the touch screen when I'm on a call and I inadvertently mute the call or put it on hold. Is this more of a problem with the Passport given its large touch screen? 

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