BlackBerry Passport Challenge: COMPLETE!

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I had over a week to use the BlackBerry Passport as my daily driver and only phone. Here is what I think of it during the time I spent…
1. Intro (0:00)
2. A look around the device and keyboard (1:42)
3. Circling the rest of the device (6:28)
4. Interface and features I admire (9:02)
5. Thank you to for making content creation possible!(13:06)
6. Specs and display (14:51)
7. The app experience (17:10)
8. A bit about the battery life (24:02)
9. The camera interface and quality (24:58)
10. Conclusion/outro (30:49)
Cool Stuff I have or Like:

46 Comments on BlackBerry Passport Challenge: COMPLETE!

  1. I can see the quality of materials and the superb workmanship in this cell phone. It's so nice that they have such pride in what they do at Blackberry.

  2. This was one of my favorite video-reviews of the BlackBerry Passport.
    I decided to purchase one after-all, and have had it for a little over 2 months now. I love it.

    Thanks for the video.

  3. Got a Iphone used it for a week returned it for a Passport – havent looked back since. What your review has emphasised least on is most importantly its security features especially the Passport's login options – which is a mile away from other premium smartphones in the industry. The picture login interface is excellent and safe. Unlinke the iPhones finger print login which makes the phone vulnerable if the phone owner is asleep or drugged…the Passport is much safer – you could stare at the screen while I login and still be unable to access the phone – that is just remarkable.

  4. Dear Erica, even though Blackberry Passport is now a slightly dated phone, I'm still thinking of the possibility of having it. And I'd like to know how it handles open apps. Meaning, do those open apps keep running in the background and drain your battery while you are doing something else? Do the open ones slow down the device when they are running in the background? Many thanks, Kal

  5. Question: I use a MAC and I use a lot of the features and my question is about iCloud type of stuff. Can I have this phone sync with my notes, reminders, calendars, whenever updating something on the berry will it also update on my mac?

  6. Is there any big difference between this blackberry passport with the silver edition? Actually im thinking about change my galaxy note 3 with blackberry passport silver edition, is it worth it?

  7. You can't get youtube to upload properly? And some issue with Netflix? Darn, Youtube is my #1 app. 🙁 I was going to get the passport but guess I'm sticking to my iPhone. I never have to worry about any of that. Everything just works on an iPhone.

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