blackberry passport 30 day challenge – day 20 (driving, google mApps, games, battery and gym creep)

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Day 1:
Day 10:
Day 20 –
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day 20 – Summary

1) i miss my android device more than iphone 6 (day 10)
2) easier to type while walking and not worth it while driving
3) google maps provide turn by turn navigation, i miss my other google apps
4) full screen videos have large bars on top + bottom
5) games and apps run well otherwise
6) screen res’ is awsm, great for browsing and reading, not so much for videos
7) can’t use in the gym / in your pocket
8) camera takes forever to launch

Reasons to get a blackberry now:
passport unboxing:

13 Comments on blackberry passport 30 day challenge – day 20 (driving, google mApps, games, battery and gym creep)

  1. In the beginning of this video you struggle to name things that you miss about using Android while your using the Passport. You mentioned things like having use of some "file explorer" and being able to insert "SD Cards". The Passport has all of these things, easily accessible. Smh

  2. i adore my passport but i miss android like hell….you shld also mention bb build quality is kickass… feel and overall sturdiness is unmatched.

  3. And the Note 3 or iPhone 6 or 6+ not going to look bulky in your pocket while in the gym?  The Passport is slightly wider then the Note 3 and iPhoney 6+ but much shorter then those two phones.  Just another bias review.

  4. Hey! To remove the bars at the top and bottom from android apps, swipe down from the top when running an android app and press "Hide Bar". On the latest 10.3.1 update, you can actually change how the app looks. Zoomed in, all the way zoomed out or simply have black bars at the left and right but you get to see everything of the app.
    Also, you may be asking how do you go back? swipe, starting from the keyboard and swipe in a diagonal form toward the touch screen.

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