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Phones 4u review the BlackBerry Curve 9300.

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45 Comments on BlackBerry Curve 9300 Review – Phones 4u

  1. Hi Keira, thanks for your question. Although they’re both good handsets, we’d probably suggest the Curve 9360 as it’s got slightly better specifications even though it’s a little bit older. BlackBerry has tweaked the design as well, and we think it looks pretty cool. Hope this helps, enjoy your birthday!

    Dan G

  2. Hi Nathan

    Thank you for getting in touch. Unfortunately we cannot offer direct advice as we have no affiliation with Carphone Warehouse and as such would not want to speak on their behalf. However, if you purchased your device from Carphone Warehouse then that is the best place to send it for repair.

    Of course, if you are unhappy with your experience at Carphone Warehouse please do come at visit us at Phones 4u where we will be pleased to help you find a great new handset!

    Dan N

  3. Hello again Alexsandra

    Thanks for getting back in touch. Unfortunately we only operate in the UK and as you are based in Canada I cannot give you an accurate description of which stores stock BlackBerry handsets in your region. This also goes for prices I am afraid. I am sure if you contact a local mobile store they will be able to assist you much better than me.


    Dan N

  4. Hi Alexsandra

    Thank you for your comment. I am afraid we only sell phones in the UK so we cannot give you the stores and prices for Canada on this phone. It is best to check with some stores near to you in Canada, as they will give you a much better idea on what this handset will cost.

    Glad you like the videos though!


    Dan N

  5. Good afternoon. I am Alexsandra I'm 13 and I want a blackberry curve 9300 pink when I'm 14 or 15 years. I want to know if it come out in canada? if so, what store and how much is it the phone? thank you to answer me. ps: I love your videos about phones. 🙂

  6. Hi there

    Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately we do not have handset prices for the Malaysian market available, however if you contact your local handset provider I am sure they will be able to give you a price.


    Dan N

  7. Hi Julie, thanks for getting in touch. The latest BlackBerry handset is the BlackBerry Z10, which is a top notch device that comes with 8 megapixel camera for your photo needs. Check out our YouTube channel and you can watch a video review presented by our very own Dan Nixon. Hope this helps.
    Dan G

  8. Don't bother wasting your money buying a Blackberry. I bought this from Phones4u last year as I was attracted to the Pink as most other phones were a boring bland colour of Blacks & Silvers. I will never buy a Blackberry ever gain!

  9. Hey

    Thanks very much for your question. As the Curve 9320 is a newer device we would recommend this one; it’s in the same budget league as the 9300 but has newer software and an updated design. It’s still a very affordable, easy to use handset so we’d definitely plump for the 9320 given the choice. Hope this helps.

    Let us know which one you choose

    Dan G

  10. Hi shosho9977

    Thank you for getting in touch. For us, the best Curve to go for in your price range is the Curve 9320. The 3.2 megapixel camera is great and the web browser is great to use too.

    Thanks again!

    Dan N

  11. Thanks for your question. You will only get access to the internet without Wi-Fi if you are on a 3G data connection. The easiest way to check this is to look for a small 3G symbol next to your signal strength indicator. Without 3G or Wi-Fi you will be unable to connect to the internet.

    Hope this helps,

    Phones 4u

  12. @2011finley LMAO and why is the iPhone better than BB? Because its made by Apple? Lol I would rather use a flip phone than the shitty ass iPhone. All your money pays for is the name. Apple is money hungry and always will be. So good luck with that lol

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