Blackberry Confirms BB10 is Dead

Blackberry has confirmed that Blackberry 10 is dead and they will no longer issue new phones with this OS. Instead, the company is only going to release 2-3 Android Phones a year.

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  1. I heard they promised BB-10.3.3(x) this summer of 16. The passport (new flagship device SE edition released this year!) was a huge success and I chose it over the priv so hope this is BS?…

  2. They are still manufacturing the current BB10 phones. They came out with 3 phones last year, so it makes sense to continue setting them so far

  3. While the content of your talk was fine, I feel the headline of your video is a bit sensationalist. BB10 is in maintenance mode, but no one announced that it was finito.

  4. was this fat ,pig of a reporter t this event NOOOOOOOOOOO! , is he making more out of this story than there is YESSSSSSSSSSSS! is he full of crap oh yeah ( HATE GOODEREADER SO CALLED REPORTERS)! URGHHHHH!!!!

  5. This might turn out to be true, but let me tell you that this video is deceptive. Chen never, never said that they will no longer develop any more bb10 devices. Those words never came out of his mouth.

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