Best VR Games You Should Try! 2016 [Android/iOS]

Yo what’s up guys its Aakash here back with another video and this time its a collaboration with some of my other YouTube friends about the Best VR Games for Android [2016] which you should definitely give a try !

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Slenzer :-

SidHD :-

Science Akbar :-

KDCloudy :-

Potato Tech :-

and finally its me…
Aakash Chandra :-

All Game Links:

SID :-
InMind VR:

Subway Surfing VR:

Science Akbar :- (Samsung Exclusive)

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  3. Bhai how to play game using vr uspe bhi ek video banao na!!!! Vr main game khelne key liye vr headseat key sath aur kya mya chaiye hoga??????????????????????????????

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