Best Upcoming Smartphone May 2016: Google’s Project ARA Smartphone 2016, ARA Modular Phone 2016

Best Upcoming Smartphone May 2016 – Top Smartphone In 2016: Google Project Ara Smartphone 2016, The Best Modular Phone 2016, ARA Phone Blocks Concept And Prototype 2016
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What is Project Ara?

Project Ara is the code name for an initiative that aims to develop an open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones.

Google Project Ara is a development effort to create a modular hardware ecosystem–rivaling mobile apps in the pace and level of innovation–around smartphones, with the goal of delivering the mobile internet to the next 5 billion people. Put another way, Project Ara aims to enable users to create a modular smartphone that is precisely tailored to their functional and aesthetic preferences.

It all starts with an endoskeleton, or “endo,” the structural frame and data…

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  1. I want to cover my phone with LEDs and make a blinding torch. Can I do that with ara? I want to turn my phone into a taser. Can I do that with ara? I want my phone to run off nuclear power. Can I do that with ara? I want to be able to replace everything with battery packs. Can I do that with ara? I want to put an ultra fast gpu onto my phone. Can I do that with ara?

  2. cracked screen at 7:40 kinda implies non-swapable screens, which makes no sense.. Making non-swappable cpu's just because "people don't care about that" was also dumb. I think usually what drives people to buy a new device are 1) features and 2) speed/storage. Marshmallow kinda fixed storage by using the sd card as internal storage, so if this includes an sd slot, that's one module that isn't necessary. If this has fixed storage like nexus devices i will be heartbroken. It's the only reason i dont buy nexus devices.. no sd card. any features can be customized, so that's not an issue.. However, that cpu is gonna become obsolete.. which means buying a new device after a while, and THAT is the reason i think they excluded it.. if forces a need to buy a new phone after so long. Because technically, this should be able to handle and new android version that comes out, until the cpu can't carry it.. They also need to make this thing a lottle prettier.. people talk shit about phones with a chin, but this one has a forehead.

    I'm also curious to see how they handle kernel modules (drivers) to handle the new hardware (modules) by 3rd parties.. i guess they could have signed update packages to be flashed to the phone? I donno.. This phone has a lot of potential, i hope they do it right.

  3. They seriously demo'd that there at the end? A 3D printed case and a PCB which needs a jumper wire to start????? I'd expect that level of quality from an undergrad group, not a fortune 500 company. Just cause they got a screen to pop up doesn't actually prove anything about the feasibility of device modularity. No wonder they're struggling to launch this.

  4. Somehow I have a feeling this phone will be more expensive than any other phone out there. You buy a complete package with modules you want, but then 1 month later a better camera module comes out, and you gotta have that. Oh and they release an awesome module you 'think' you need or might like so you buy that and never end up using it. Take the night vision one for example. Then a year later a better frame comes out and you gotta get that right? It can fit more modules than the first one? At the end, you could be stuck with modules you never need and you've spent more than you'd spend for an iphone 6s. This will no doubt breed module "collectors" just so they can say they have it and show it off. And think about the technical problems you could encounter. Then you gotta ship that module out, get it fixed and get it shipped back to you. Why bother? Just buy an out of the box phone. If this Ara type of module phone happened to be the first ever smartphone that was released globally, right about now corporations may start offering out-of-the-box phones and blowing the trumpet of a hassle-free phone. This phone is only appealing because it's "different". People are never satisfied.

  5. this looks like a great product, but I dont see it surviving a day in my hands. Show us what this baby can do under some harsh conditions: hiking, runners, blue collar/outdoor work, etc. Then, you might convince myself and others freed from the cubicle to switch from Samsung.

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