Best Tempered Glass for the Samsung Galaxy S7?

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In my quest for the best tempered glass screen protector that you can get for your S7, I think that I may have found it.

amFild – $7.99 –

Ringke Slim – $8.99 –

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  1. Kills sensitivity on left/right side. Bought one. Threw it out after spending ten minutes trying to push "P" several times. TPU seems to be the best overall thus far.

  2. i had from alien surface but not glass cover ……..normal cover and do not get well whit uag case ……. the one from alien had 0,19mm now i ordered one whit 0.2mm and maybe this the solution for get alone whit uag case

  3. Great video Donavon! I have the Gold Platinum S7 with an Edge to Edge tempered glass protector. I was wondering if you knew of a clear case with some bump protection that I can use. I want to keep the original color on the back of my phone. Much appreciated.

  4. +Gaspare Nasuto For some reason I'm having an issue trying to respond to your comment, but here are my thoughts:

    Yes, I think that it's a great solution. My only complaint is that on the edges of the screen you do lose a little bit of screen sensitivity. It's not bad, just a slight annoyance from time to time.

  5. Donavon, do you find the this protector increases the glare. I found with a G-Color protector there was a great deal of glare and almost made it unuseable out of doors? Great review.

  6. So did you keep this on the phone the Amfilm. My husband wants a good tempered glass one and Zagg is taking too long. We have the edge though am wondering how good it is. He also needs a new case he likes the way my Symmetry covers the phone better than his case mate with the kickstand. My Zagg HD is all messed up I need a new protector also and would like to try a decent tempered glass. May try the Amfilm too bujt for the S7 7.99 and the Edge 29.99 OMG!

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