Best Smartphone Under $400?

OnePlus 2 vs. Moto X Play – What are the differences?
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So which will it be for you the Moto X Play or the OnePlus 2? Which is the best smartphone under $400 for 2015?

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47 Comments on Best Smartphone Under $400?

  1. My heart says OnePlus 2 and my head says the Moto X Play, or even the Moto G 3rd Generation, having checked out the Moto G4 Plus! :O)
    However, I'd never buy a phone I couldn't handle first and that rules the OnePlus 2 out of the running ;O(

  2. exclusivity is cancer … especially when its not exclusive at all like with all apple products, which are only "exclusive" because they are overpriced af

  3. You know its funny all the companies put restrictions INSIDE the phones, with software.. If they would JUST use the basic programming and controls, most of them would be wonderful. But Verizon, restricts sharing..for NO REASON..

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