Best Laptop for Engineering 2015 – 2016 | Top 5 Mobile Workstation

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Top 5 Best Laptops for Engineering, selected based on reviews, price and features. The selection is based on my own personal opinion.

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I understand these are expensive laptops. So please before hating on this video, note that these laptops are only for professionals who can afford.

[In Order of Appearance][#1=Best]
5. HP ZBook 15 (F2P54UT#ABA) [0:00]
15.6″ FHD | Core i7 4800MQ | 8 GB RAM | Quadro K1100M | 750 GB HDD (7200RPM) | Windows 7 [Amazon]

4. Toshiba Tecra W50-A1510 [1:00]
15.6” FHD | Intel Core i7-4810HQ | 16 GB DDR 3 | Quadro K2100M | 500 GB HDD (7200RPM) | Window 7 (Upgradable) [Amazon]

3. Dell Precision M3800 [2:00]
15.6” QHD+ (Touch) | i7-4702HQ | 16 GB DDR 3 | Quadro K1100M | 512 GB SSD | Windows 7 [Amazon]

2. Lenovo ThinkPad W540 (20BG0014US) [2:51]
15.6” FHD | i7-4800MQ | 16 GB DDR 3 | Quadro K1100M | 500 GB SSD | Windows…

20 Comments on Best Laptop for Engineering 2015 – 2016 | Top 5 Mobile Workstation

  1. I definitely need powerful workstation that will have virtual machine installed – vmware to be able to run guest OS, which will be Window Server 2012 R2 and then I will install SharePoint server 2013 that would require bare minimum 12G RAM alone, and also I will install SQL Server 2012 with SSDT + Visual Studio. On top of that I will also install highly visual reporting/stats tools such as PowerBI, Cognos, SAP BO plus other scripting language tool like Perl, Python. A guy on the blog recommends 32G RAM, I7 Quad core, 1TB with price range of $3K to $5K. I go WTF.. I am literally building the entire IT department BI/DW system in a single laptop.

  2. Why are workstations so expensive ? they may have equivelent specs to a consumer laptop, and still cost so much.
    Also, do i need something like this as an engineering student? What i actually want is a surface, but im not quite sure its powerfull enough.

  3. One thing a mech engineer needs is durability, a non-quantifiable quality that has nothing to do with fancy graphics cards or the number of cores something has. I`ll stick with my Thinkpad.

  4. HP was twice shown in the video. The Thinkpad w550 got the potential of all seems Thinkpad got already the mark. But the rest brand got a good potentials too it just Thinkpad has more experience than the rest.

  5. Always the next best thing, why are they always holding out on us all,
    these machines should be better than what they make out, for the price
    you pay, I would at least expect it to beam me up or render better at
    least,  Ive also found if you buy on ebay or Amazon they seem to take 
    all the best parts out of the machine and replace them with low cost
    parts, So all you seem to buy is the shell with just a lot of junk
    I would advise everyone to check the specs on manufacturers website's before you buy.

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