Before asking for a family discount you must read this experience from Elon Musk

Before asking for a family discount you must read this experience from Elon Musk

Assume that you are a relative, say a cousin of Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, and you want to purchase a Tesla car from his company, therefore, as Elon is your cousin usually you can ask for a family discount from him but when you have asked him for a family discount on Tesla’s car, his response will be such that, indirectly you will not be given a discount rather than showing you to go to to purchase the car online. In this case, I am sure that it will give you a lifetime experience to never ask for any family discount to any relatives like Elon Musk.

Well, the same was experienced by Elon Musk’s cousin Lyndon Rive, the CEO of SolarCity, when Rive asked Elon to get a family discount on a Tesla car he wanted to purchase.

Rive explained that “I asked, ‘Elon, hey can I have a family discount’ and his answer is, ‘Yeah absolutely. Go, buy the car online, and the price you see there is the family discount,” Rive’s opinion was that “Everyone gets a family discount.” According to Tech insider.


Rive took it in a positive way instead of being disappointed saying that “I give Elon credit beyond the fact of being the best entrepreneur in the world — he treats everyone the same. Everyone. There’s no nepotism at all,” he also added that “It’s totally fair, for the amount of car you’re getting, it’s a totally fair price.”

However, it is clear that in the business field Musk does not believe in favored treatment for relatives, he poises everyone in the same way. In this perspective, I will say that though it sounds like a kind of bitter thing to say but the way Musk treated his cousin was in a gentle way, which I also believe that every business owner will support.


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