Battery test : iOS 9.3.1 vs iOS 9.3.2 Which one has better battery life?

As battery life for most of us is crucial to
get us through the day with out a black screen,
it is a big concern to many users.

With every iOS release there are always users
asking “What about battery life?”

So what about battery life, is iOS 9.3.2 going
to improve my battery life?, or will it get
worse?. Those are very good questions.

Of course if you still on an iOS lower than
iOS 9, you will benefit from the Low Power
mode feature. But what if you would compare
iOS 9.3.1 to iOS 9.3.2. Which version would

We decided to do a non scientific test using
Geekbench’s battery benchmark feature.

First we charged all devices to 100% let them
sit in the charger for an additional 30 minutes.
Ran Geekbenchs test on all devices until the
battery died, and filmed every wonderful moment.

We did this on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6
and the iPhone 6S. Using the same physical device
to ensure the same battery life, first on iOS 9.3.1
and then again on the same device…

27 Comments on Battery test : iOS 9.3.1 vs iOS 9.3.2 Which one has better battery life?

  1. if the test is non scientific then there is really no reason for making such a video….it's only time consuming for you and time consuming for the viewers as the results won't be accurate.
    especially because it looks like u been using the same phones for all your tests, which makes me strongly believe that your phones, especially the 4S and 5 have older batteries in them.
    By having old batteries in the phones this kind of test is useless as they won't portray anything close to realistic usage, as the condition of the batteries cannot be determined.
    why not put new batteries inside all the devices? just by doing that your test will become much closer to scientific…just a thought don't hate, take it as constructive criticism, and viewers please don't take this video serious..

  2. The iPhone 6s has 5% smaller battery than the iPhone 6, but why does it have about 2/3 longer battery life than the iPhone 6?!!! Are they have the same brightness?? Thanks bro.

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