AR effect – explore new worlds on your Xperia™

Make every day magical with AR Effect:
Stay one step ahead with the new Xperia X:
Explore the world of Xperia:

AR effect is an amazing augmented reality app for your Xperia™ camera. Create and explore your own fantastical worlds, put yourself in the centre of the action and share your creations with friends.

Your next adventure is waiting for you – just open your camera and select AR effect from the bottom left hand corner.

27 Comments on AR effect – explore new worlds on your Xperia™

  1. como puede borrar la aplicación de " rostro y estilos " que viene en el Sony la verdad es una aplicación de gustos femenino, así mejor les pido ayuda para volver a tener el volumen normal que vino ya que de la nada a bajado el sonido cuando timbrar

  2. i gonna dislike this, because 1. this feature is too old it's been on kitkat version and now they make a video of it?? 2. this feature doesn't work how to should be always, and heats your phone 3. xperia users will only launch it once just to figure out what it is or they might open it when they are with friends to just say: huh buddy look at my phone what feature it has, it's not really a cool feature sony, that's probably why i'm gonna dislike this video

  3. I used to have faith in Sony's camera in their smartphone ever since the original xperia z. However they haven't been stepping up their game even with their 'innovations' like hybrid autofocus or ability to shoot till 12800iso. I'm sorry sony, but in terms of camera quality, I'm really really losing faith in you guys.

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