Apple Totally Messed Up Its First Update For iOS 8

According to users in Apple’s online forums and on Twitter, they’re being hit with serious problems after installing iOS 8.0.1. Apple pulled the update after reports of Touch ID not working, iPhones not connecting to their network, Wi-Fi speeds plummeting, devices overheating, and batteries dying sooner than usual. While Apple’s iPhone 6 models have been selling well and pulling in a ton of cash for the company, Apple’s buggy iOS 8 launch has been one of the few problems to arise in the days after the release. That, and the recent discovery that the new iPhones can bend rather easily if they’re stored in someone’s pocket over an extended period of time. If you want to play it safe, hold off on downloading iOS 8.0.1 on either your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, if it is still available for you. I downloaded and installed the update only a short while before the reports started coming in. Fortunately, my Sprint iPhone 5S hasn’t experienced any of the problems that people have reported…

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  1. Fuck the iOS 8 update! You can't download videos in some apps! And you can't even use Jin Jeon's apps! And rather the worse is that you can only watch videos instead! And it doesn't have options to download a fucking video!
    (———) /
    (. ) /
    /( )
    / (____)

    Copy this and spread this all over Apple if you are with us

  2. Y'all some stupid fuckers for getting the first batch of iPhones. It's very obvious that you people are test dolls and are checking to see what technically problems the phone will have. 

  3. Jinx, I can't believe the Sega Game Gear is compared to a new iPhone 6/Plus… Even Sega Game Gear had removable batteries, and certainly wouldn't bend if stored in your pocket. Lol

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! see Apple sheeps, thats why you don't rush into buying an Iphone on the first day LOL serves you cunts right. Gonna wait till December to pick up mine at a cheaper price :D

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