Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6S Review & Unboxing

New iPhone 6S Smart Battery Case Review! Inspired by a Camel. Full Details & Unboxing White & Black Color.

29 Comments on Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6S Review & Unboxing

  1. I have had 4 genuine Mophie charging cases none of which have lasted more than 3 weeks. I know it sounds ridiculous but it's true. I only dropped one of them, and one the switch on the back completely broke off inside the case. Horrible quality I think I'll buy an apple one instead!

  2. Hi, i just wanna ask, is a constant charging bad for the battery? What happen if you not using the battery case anymore? Is it going to degrade your iPhones internal battery? Because there is no turn On/Off so is it going to destroy your iPhones battery over time because it's always discharging your phone.

  3. I have this case for my 6s and it's amazing. I actually like the design. This case will easily allow a heavy user to use their iPhone 6s all day from early am to the time you go to bed. If your phone and case are both charged at 100% the case will use its battery up first keeping your phone battery at 100% until case battery runs out of juice. Great case and great video.

  4. honestly… I kinda like the design. I know apple's intention was to to keep that slim profile they have with their silicone case and just add a battery to it. I like how its profile still remains pretty slim even with a big battery on the back. I went to the apple store to try it out and the hump on the back is actually smaller then you might think and the weight of it is actually pretty good. holding your phone with case on actually makes it feel like your phone has a less chance of flying out of your hand. In my opinion… i kinda like this design better then the mophies because I'm definitely NOT a fan of bulky cases. Also i like how i can still use my lightening cable and not have to use a micro usb like the mophies and i like how the indicator is in the inside and you dont have ugly lighting circles on the back.

  5. It is nice in the fact that it has a lightning port and it is only one piece. If you are using your phone in landscape mode, you would have a bit of a handgrip on the case, which is nice.

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