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Apple Planning HUGE Design Update For iPhone 7

A video and accompanying images from Marek Weidlich, a Czech designer, show the device with a top-to-bottom screen, which would be a first for any manufacturer,” reports The Week. “The body of the phone looks like very much like an iPhone 6, with a home screen that appears to be based on an Apple Watch.

Weidlich’s concept sketch is largely successful, says tech site BGR, but the inclusion of both the speaker and front-facing ‘selfie’ camera on the screen seem unlikely.

“The front-facing camera and speaker sticking out from the screen is something that Apple would definitely not make,” the site says, “as these elements would significantly disrupt in-app UI and overall experience when it comes to gaming and video playback.”

“Designer Hasan Kaymak put together a video that imagines what the iPhone 7 might have to offer. One of the radical design changes concerns the home button, which has been eliminated in this design. Instead,…

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