Apple iPhone SE vs Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

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Apple iPhone SE vs Sony Xperia Z5 Compact: Toddy compares these two compact mobiles to see which is best for you, including a full camera comparison, performance and battery life tests.

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30 Comments on Apple iPhone SE vs Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

  1. why does he keep making excuses for the iPhone? if one has better features than the other just say so. that's what he does when the iPhone has an advantage anyway.

  2. More than 90% of videos and reviews online for the Z5/Z5 Compact have recurring and the same issues: slow to reboot, slow to start, camera slow to boot, purple fringing in lowlight photos, colours tend to be in a cooler tone, slow processing of photos and reloading apps in the multitasking pane. Have these been somewhat resolved in a recent update with your Z5C?

  3. The z5 actually has a rubbish camera. My friend has that one and the pics are really grainy. And the speaker slits on the front are always getting blocked with pocket dust lol.

  4. I used z5 compact for 2 months and i can't stand for its processors and ram amount, i just switched to iPhone se. I'll miss the stereo speakers, better rear and front camera

  5. first device that can actually compete with the z series compacts, which is interesting. not only that the SE is actually better value for money
    810 vs apple a9
    both have 2gb of ram
    the sensor on the iphone is better, sadly because sonys software is meh
    more screen on the z5 compact, but both 720p
    both have fingerprint

    in this situation i'd say android or IOS with these two, but you do get expandable storage with your z5 compact

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