Apple iPhone SE vs Samsung Galaxy S7 – Speed & Battery Test!

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Why battery life Sucks on a brand new Galaxy S7 VS a new iPhone SE!

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49 Comments on Apple iPhone SE vs Samsung Galaxy S7 – Speed & Battery Test!

  1. of you look better you will see when iphone se load one page s7 still loading it…I phone se load pages faster…I am not iphone fan but you should aceppted iphone is better than samsung

  2. I'm an iPhone user. I used to have Samsung. I got my s4 at the time for $200 contract deal. A month later it was offered for free with contract. Piss me off. I'm not gonna get into which phone is better but I can tell this for a fact. Used Galaxy phone aren't worth as much. Old iPhone has great trade in value. So that to me is where iPhone wins

  3. I just switched from my galaxy s4 to the se like a month ago and I'm still adjusting to the tiny screen ahah. I want the Galaxy s7 and only got an iPhone to test out. It's an ok phone the battery is nice.

  4. i don't understand why apple doesn't make their phones water resistant. the fact that you don't have the option to remove your battery they should have put some glue on the outer edges of their phones to make it water resistant. what do you expect us to do if we accidentally drop our phone in the toilet or sink? replace them?

  5. good video , the only thing that was ignorant to me was when you tested Facebook. and the iphone did not load up, it is because of the internet….btw you got a like?

  6. so the iPhone SE has a better battery life than the Galaxy S7? Why are we not hearing more about this in the news if this is true? the iPhone 6S has horrendous battery life and that's supposed to be the Galaxy S7's competitor. Now after seeing this video on curious to see how long the SE's battery would last after a day of browsing and watching YouTube videos. i currently have a Droid Turbo and I need another phone that gives me at least a FULL day of nonstop heavy use.

  7. cheapest iphone SE versus most expensive SAMSUNG S7
    6% lost for SAMSUNG in 10 minutes ??
    better speed for iphone
    who is KING Apple or Samsung ???

  8. I had the iPhone SE for about a week, the battery life was awful. right outta the box I was charging 3 times a day. traded the SE for an S7 Edge, and the Edge is so much better.. I get a day and a half before I need to charge..

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