Apple iPhone SE vs iPhone 6 – Speed & Battery Test!

Speed and Battery performance comparison between New iPhone SE & iPhone 6!
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45 Comments on Apple iPhone SE vs iPhone 6 – Speed & Battery Test!

  1. actually the fingerprint scanner on the se comes from the iPhone 6 and since the se has a smaller display than I'm positive that the se's scanner is faster. (whew that took a long time)

  2. SE is a smaller size, great for people with small hands lol, I like how fast it is, I'm totally going to get the SE instead of the 6, it's really fast and I love THAT ITS CHEAPER THAN THAT IPHONE 6 and 6s even though the SE recently came out (I think)

  3. I heard a lot of complaints about issues with the Bluetooth (I think, specifically with regards to Bluetooth calling) and some problems with WiFi. But, apparently iOS 9.3.2 update fixed that…?

    Any insight on this from an actual user?

  4. Somebody that changed from 6 to SE have missed to screen size too much? I'm about to change from 6 16gb to SE 64gb hoping that the battery is better. But I think I will miss 4.7" screen

  5. Damn, next time your gonna do a comparison like this, make sure you shut it down at the very same time, and home at the same time. Just a tip man cause it's quite stupid.

  6. I downgraded from 6s to the se simply for the smaller size. Especially if you have an apple watch its nice to not have a huge bulky phone in your pocket.

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