Apple iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – Battery Life Comparison

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Here is our Full in depth Battery Life Comparison video between the Apple iPhone 6s & the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

More info on the Samsung Galaxy S6:

More info on the iPhone 6s:

Watch Camera Comparison:

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Watch Speed Test Comparison:

Watch Note 5 vs iPhone 6s Plus Battery Life Comparison:

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21 Comments on Apple iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – Battery Life Comparison

  1. Okay I need some help. My daughters birthday is coming up soon. I need someone's else opinion on iPhone or Samsung battery. My daughter needs long battery life. And I'm not sure on weather to get iPhone or Samsung

  2. I have the 6s and depending how much I use it it can get through day without being charged if hardly used. If it is used a lot it does go down fast. Normally needs charging in afternoon to evening. When not being used hardly goes down at all though. Got the chargable battery case and with that it gets through day without needing charging.

  3. I have both if these phones right now and I can't say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the iPhone lasts hours longer than the S6 Edge. another commenter says he charges his S6 Edge 3x per day and so do I. It's beautiful and I really loved it for a while, but it's a pain. I won an S7 about a week ago. This battery is a winner. Worlds better than its predecessor.

  4. i dont know how u guys use your phone, maybe u have all the notifications on, wifi on, screen brightness way up, etc, because with light/moderate use my s6 edge lasts 2 days, normal usage i get around 17h 30min to 19h battery life, wich is more than enough because u sleep for about 7hours. And i get about 6h screen on time… I just updated to marshmallow 1 day ago, and it seems to have improved. Battery is pretty decent if u ask me…

  5. I want to get a new phone but can't choose between these too. I am currently iPhone user, but Samsung has better camera & storage but i have most of my music on iTunes & Love iMessage. Any help? Let me know

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