Apple iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case: Review

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The iPhone 6/6s Smart Battery Case is Apple’s first party solution to increase battery life of Apple’s 4.7-inch iPhones.


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27 Comments on Apple iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case: Review

  1. It's got some flaws and it's overpriced but i like the sleek black smart battery case for some reason. The headphone jack issue could be a deal breaker for me though cause I like using different headphones other than the ear pods. And the fact that most reviews I've read or watched give it 3 out of 5 stars, ain't a good look for Apple. The LED light inside the case instead of outside…???? Makes no sense!!

  2. When you think of it, the iPhone battery itself with average use should get you though the day. This is for people who travel a lot for example. I like the white one though. The black one is ok though.

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