Apple iPhone 6S iOS 10 Beta 1 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 – Speed Test!

Apple’s latest iOS 10 Beta 1 software iPhone 6S vs Samsung Galaxy S7 – Which is Fastest?

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45 Comments on Apple iPhone 6S iOS 10 Beta 1 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 – Speed Test!

  1. So many iPhone users here. Great performance for the first beta, but not many changes here, so obviously there won't be many major slowdowns. On the other side, Samsung proved that Touchwiz can be quite snappy (even on QHD display compared to the 750p on the iPhone).

  2. I think that your tests need to be based less around internet-dependent apps and more on games and other resource-intensive apps. Internet browsing and speed tests should be a totally different test, and in the internet test, you need to sign up for the services and load content. Just opening Uber when it hasn't even been set up yet will not yield useful or accurate results, and little discrepancies in the apps can make the whole difference. (For example, Twitter could've loaded faster than it did on the iPhone, but it had a useless animation at 1:17)

  3. You forgot to clear the cache on the browsers. In one example of when that affected results, Safari loaded GSM Arena instantaneously because you visited the S7 Edge specifications page. (You can tell at 5:08)

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