Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – Camera Comparison

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A side-by-side camera comparison between the Apple iPhone 6 (8MP camera) and the Samsung Galaxy S5 (16MP camera)!

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43 Comments on Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – Camera Comparison

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  2. Lol I had it 2 weeks and it got buggy after 3 days the S5 is a joke sure if you are a nerd and you care about what is saying on the paper go for it I switch to an iphone 6 after 4 years of using android with no support, waiting years for an update I miss the customization but the Apple cares more about the costumers

  3. HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS JUSTIN? Android can now shoot in RAW format which takes away the compression  from jpeg – like a true professional camera for ALL androids! On another note – It doesn't matter about the camera at STOCK settings of each camera – it is the software that edits the picture which makes the phot/video better. Settings on Android – push the "optimize" button and all the low light situations and over saturation come out clean. With a higher resolution camera, the pictures looks a lot better than the 6 w/ lower resolution after the picture is automatically "optimized" through software making the 6 and all the hoop-la about "it's better camera" not applicable. The 6 can do the same with image editing tools but looses out because the camera itself at the hardware level is simply not as good as Samsung's.  

  4. I'm not really a fan of the gs5 or iphone 6 (Windows phone!) But I think that the gs5 has ALOT better lighting than the iphone 6, but the Iphone 6 does have better color saturation.

  5. 1. iPhone have no focus
    2. S5 better light
    3. both good
    4. S5 overexposed
    5. iPhone 6 more contrast
    6. iPhone 6 better sky and grass colors, S5 better white balance
    7. iPhone 6 more detail
    8. iPhone 6 better colors
    9. both good
    10. think iPhone 6 too warm
    11. S5 red is pink
    12. S5 more detail
    13. both good
    14. S5 too dark
    15. S5 too bright
    16. S5 too dark
    Low light shots are fail for S5. So i got 4 Points for S5, 4 undecided and 8 Points for iPhone 6 + better low light shots + 240fps slow motion and i think better front facing camera.

    4k is nice to have, but i never crop my videos, and 4k monitors are too expensive right now. So i would say iPhone 6 camera is better.

  6. iPhone 6 has a much better camera system. iPhone has always had a betters camera system that's great for lowlight situations. The colors are more accurate, & the true tone flash is amazing. Not to mention the bigger pixels and sensors. I have cousins who have had both the iPhone, Galaxy S IV and Galaxy S V and they all can agree that iPhone has the best camera system with the most accurate color representation 

  7. It's sad that a galaxy has double the megapixels, double the processor, and twice the resolution of the iphone, yet iPhone is a faster phone, takes better pictures, and out performs galaxy at every test. Shows how much better Apple is at getting the most out of a phone. Imagine putting the galaxy specs on an iPhone. iPhone would completely obliterate any phone. It would be like having an actual HD camera worth thousands.

  8. 2:11 2:19 2:31 3:03 iPhone Wins
    1:41 2:51 GS5 Wins
    The iphone seems sharper in almost every image. The GS5 seems to take better outdoor shots. Considering we spend the vast majority of our time at home, in a car, on the subway or even a bus, or perhaps at work; the iphone is the clear choice for everyday use. 

  9. Iphone 6 = MUCH better low light/less grain (bigger pixels), better flash for natural and accurate low light photos, focus pixels for fast focusing, camera app is miles better for better shooting experience.

  10. Iphone can process color and photos in HD even in just 8 mp but overall iphone is such a low class phone for an incredible price. If you want a real good camera why not buy nikon or cannon slr camera and buy good lenses. Nice bending phone by the way you totally nailed it iphone hahahahah.

  11. aside from the first two photos where the s5 appeared to be much brighter and more vibrant and the iphone seemed to be out of focus when the shot was taken in the first one, the rest are really close however i find the s5 to look washed out and the iphone comes out on top especially in the low light pictures. most of the comments here giving it to the s5 straight up are either ignorant or just have really bad taste.

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