Apple iPhone 5s vs HTC One

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Crazy to believe that the HTC One has been making the rounds since the early portion of this year, which seems oh so long ago in the smartphone universe. In that time alone, it has seen many rivals and flagships test it to its limits, some better than others of course, but for the most part, it continues to be one of the darlings in the Android sphere. Well folks, it’s up for yet another challenge, as the newly launched iPhone 5s is aiming to put the aging smartphone in its place. Or will HTC’s gem continue to be a formidable competitor?…

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  1. Thei`re both good but it depends on what user you are..
    Do you want to play games without any lag or watch movies with good sound: HTC
    Do you want quick surving/emailing and take beautiful pictures with the front and back? : 5s

  2. WHAT ABOUT ZOE HTC PANORAMA HTC HAS BETTER LOW LIGHT it has more space beetwen pixels 300% more light. Iphone has better quality but the one is extremely more powerful and its android you have liberty to do more than iphone like sharing stuff by Bluetooth or nfc. This vid didn't go through all the details and iphone is expensive. I had both

  3. Dude, you are comparing telephones. I can accept that, given they are smartphones, you may focus on other communication features as well. I have been watching your video for 6 minutes and you have talked about screen resolutions, design, comfort of holding, screen resolution, processor speed, fancy animations and 100 other, irrelevant issues. I am not suggesting that all those are not important (some aren't, but nevermind), but how can you consider them more important that what I have mentioned on the top here?

  4. HTC ONE is almost perfect in everything but the camera, HTC ONE's design is very very handsome ! Cant wait for the all NEW HTC ONE .
    Iphone is good though and lil bit just lil bit snapier because its screen is smaller than HTC ONE so it loads a bit faster ! 

  5. Htc and Note 3 > all. and iphone just has a better camera than htc otherwise it cant compare to htc it practicly burns it in every spec. Iphone u put up a good with ur 720p display and 1hr battery life 

  6. The only way I would get an iPhone is if maybw in their later phones they make their UI a little more flexible and increase their battery size as well as the screen to a minimum of 4.7 inches. Then again that's my personal preference and I know I basically described an android but I like the features that apple gives you with their iphones.

  7. Dud pls have a sit and rethink about your review. I have used both phones and  htc one beets this iphone 5 almost in all standard apart from camera but htc one has its own advantage if u know the settings and i always have fun with its features and many are willing to buy htc one because of the great photos. Please do not make this kind of review again cos i don't know who paid you to do so. Who told you that iphone is faster than htc one? Htc one has total zero lag and extreeeeeeeemly fast.

  8. wow another guy compared all shit the pihone 5 sucked so hard lower in memory the ghz camera and so on so how can iphone 5s be better in this video? compare sound nfc do a full compare please=)

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