Apple Byte – The iPhone 7 Plus looks to bring a dual lens camera

Apple’s making its iPhone camera even better with new camera tech. The iPad Air 3 and iPhone 5SE target a March announcement. Plus, Apple looks to VR.

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  1. Apple is ripping the 3DS camera too? I guess nothing is safe from Apple, in the year 2025 Apple will try to rip off the the Nokia 3310 but destroy the universe in the process

  2. as VR is the new shit… dual cameras makes sense to take 3d photos… unless it can't really take 3d photos then – it is just pure lame, with all the respect to the Israeli company (i'm an israeli myself)…

  3. They need a visionary person like Steve Jobs. He took products that weren't well known or that they had tried in the past and sold them to the public by creating a need. Then he packaged the product in a way that made people want it. Like the iPod, which brought Apple back up from near collapse, and then the iPhone, which was the first smartphone, as far as I can remember/know, that had a touch screen. They've got to get something else out there to be the next "iPod" and "iPhone" now that the market is saturated.

  4. Look forward to seeing this new camera, if it's true, but who set up the comparison shots with the old Samsung S4 camera? Typical dishonesty, at least compare with a modern camera.

  5. HTC EVO 3 D was the first phone with dual camera and 3 D effect although not quite catch up with imagination. If Apple are putting 2 cameras, they are dusting off the HTC's idea from Evo 3D to One M8.

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