App Unlocking with Fingerprint Sensor on Redmi Note 3

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 has a fingerprint sensor and you can lock your sensitive apps and you can then unlock them using the fingerprint scanner and I show you how to do the same in this video.

Redmi Note 3 is sold in India via Amazon

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25 Comments on App Unlocking with Fingerprint Sensor on Redmi Note 3

  1. Sir i will lock some apps with fingerprint scanner lock
    When i just tap to application which will be it give message required of fingerprint lock
    When i tap Same application it does not give required message of fingerprint lock

  2. I am having different issue that is when unlocking the device with fingerprint sensor if my hand is placed near proximity sensor the device is not unlocking.does the same issue is on your device???reply

  3. Hey Ranjeet, im facing sudden stoping of motion sensor in my redmi note 3 while playing games like asphalt 8 i did calibration, but it didn't worked..
    please do reply please

  4. sir can we lock the apps which assuring the enscryption., the apps like 'applock' or something, whether it able to use finger prints over them. also do we get the app lock function after the update or get it after just unboxing??

  5. Ranjit  PLEASE HELP!! I have MIUI vs. 7.2 latest firmware but I can't see preview of recent apps by pressing the bottom left button when we switch apps.PLEASE tell me how did u get that!!!Thanks in advance Ranjit!!AND RANJIT PLEASE DO REPLY!!!

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