Anti-snoring smart bed introduced at CES

Anti-snoring smart bed introduced at CES

The new smart bed Sleep Number 360 is introduced at the CES trade show in Las Vegas this year. It can detect when you snore and lifts your head to stop the snoring.

The bed is equipped with biometric sensors that record people’s breathing, heartbeat, and movements. The sensors also detect snoring sounds. The bed slightly lifts the head of the snorer automatically to clear the airways whenever it detects snoring sound. According to the makers, this stops mild snoring.

smart bed

Air chambers in the mattress bed can adjust to fit different body positions of the person. An accompanying app measures your sleep behavior. The bed also warms the foot and let you know which room you happen to sleep best. The bed can be connected to alarm clock apps to wake you up at the right time in your sleep cycle.

“We are excited to unveil the future of sleep: The Sleep Number 360 smart bed, a revolutionary product that redefines what people should expect from their bed.”

Shelly Ibach, CEO of Sleep Number said.

“A great night of quality sleep is essential to a healthy mind, body, and soul.”

smart bed

The Sleep Number 360 received the ‘Best of Innovation’ Honoree award in the Home Appliances category at the CES Innovation Awards. The bed will soon go on sale in the US. Current mattresses range from £268 ($329.99) to £6,760 ($8,299.99).


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