Announcing HTC 10 #powerof10

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Announcing HTC 10

Chialin Chang, President, Smartphone and Connected Devices Business, reveals HTC’s new flagship phone for 2016. The HTC 10. Made to say thank you to HTC fans, this phone introduces a bold new design, world-class imaging and sound, unparalleled performance plus the ability to truly customize the phone your way. This is the smartphone you’ve been looking for. This is the power of 10.

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21 Comments on Announcing HTC 10 #powerof10

  1. I have been a HTC user for the past 5 years since HTC OneX. I have used OneX+, M7, E8, E9+ Dual Sim, ME Dual Sim and now HTC 10. I would like to say that I am totally disaapointed with the HTC 10 as I am unable to configure the quicksettings bar. The gear icon doesn't seem to spin at all after tapping it or holding it. Even after trying to open the developer options, there is NO SYSTEM UI at all? The old HTC lollipop settings are so much better. The HTC Gallery app is missing from HTC 10 and the Google photos app can't arrange the photos and videos better than the HTC Gallery app which makes it frustrating. The Google Calendar app is also not as good as the HTC Calendar app. You should give users the options to remove the google apps not the HTC apps. The HTC apps are really much better to use. HTC phones are good but sometimes fail to understand the software and application needs of users. I have waited so long for the arrival of HTC 10, somehow I had to buy it from an import trader in Malaysia to get the phone which until now is still yet to be launched in Malaysia. And after all this, I just had to find out that it's been a big dissapointment! Please improve!

  2. This the best phone HTC ever made. I knew HTC had it in them. They've perfected the design and features in every way. The front looks fantastic in all light conditions. Its a rugged phone built tough like a man's phone should be. I love the increased screen size. I had an M7, M8 and upgraded from an M9. Fantastic battery and charging time. Next gen USB C port… The best audio quality with included premium headphones, byfar the highest quality audio in any smartphone. keep it up HTC!

  3. Listen I have a ip6s plus and wanna change from att to T-Mobile and considering another phone – other than iPhone I loved HTC- is there any HTC phones that use T-Mobile w 5-5.5 inch screens?
    I can't use 4.7 anymore

  4. Right on HTC.. You brought back all the good things from the M8 that didn't make it onto the M9. I skipped buying the M9 I wasn't impressed by it. Now just release it so I can do a test drive.

  5. HTC, your move to not make the gold and white phone available in US is going to lose you a lot of customers, including some very loyal HTC users like me. Did not expect this from you! I'm very impressed with the phone but I'm extremely disappointed that I can't buy my color preference! Can't explain my disappointment in words over this completely stupid issue.

    I don't understand the reason behind having the color option in EU and not in the US. Hoping that you will rectify this issue as soon as possible.

  6. Why do you fired PR? There were also beautiful name, hero, legend, titan, sansation, incredible s. Who likes numbers, apple geeks perhaps. Numbers are bad mmm kay? And we do not care so do all the other, I have 6 years the most expensive models htc, I want a beautiful name.

  7. Its design totally look like as china made phone
    Htc if you don't have good designer then tell to me i am sure i make better design from this phone
    Funny htc fool etc

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