Android Ubuntu Boss Troubleshoot Guide + Tips & Tricks

This video is in response to How To Theme Your Android Phone Ubuntu Boss Style:

If you are having problems with the Ubuntu Boss theme or want to learn more about how you can optimize this theme to perform better on your phone. Please see the directory below.


1. SD Card Transfer Issues 1:00
2. White Boxes Showing up 2:32
3. MIUI Theme Issues 6:05
4. Can’t Edit UCCW Widget 7:32
5. Apps Crashing 8:14

Optimization Tips & Tricks

6. Background Images 9:24
7. Screen Tip 12:07
8. Application Replacement 12:32
9. UCCW Hot Spot Tutorial 14:29


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33 Comments on Android Ubuntu Boss Troubleshoot Guide + Tips & Tricks

  1. Thanks for the vids buddy. I've been able to creat my own background images, I've just copied your file details for size (pixels and dpi). The jpg's seem to work most of the time, but I was wondering if there was a sppecific size that works all the time or if there is a way to figure it out from different brands of phones? Thanks again for what you do pal. It's very appreciated.

  2. The files wont show up when I go to restore it in the widget locker. Ive tried putting the files in my SD card over 10 times now but nothing shows up.

  3. Hi Armando! I have a sideloaded TSF Shell. When I'm using it on any AOKP/CM10.1 Rom, it works well with UCCW. When I'm using Samsung-based Jelly Bean, when I put a UCCW widget, it will say "TSF Shell is loading" and the widget will not be added.

    I tried to do the theme in CM10.1 and used Titanium Backup and TSF Shell backup to restore it when I go back to Samsung-based Jelly Bean. When I restored it, all UCCW Widgets were gone.

  4. SOLUTION: Restore ubuntu lock in widget locker again. Then when you get to the lockscreen, press and HOLD on the "Tap to restore widget" thingo. Then it shows you 3 options. Click remove. Then hold on the lockscreen again and press widget to create a new UCCW widget.

  5. I love your customized lockscreen, the black one with the clock in the middle and blue circle dots around with slide to unlock. Could you make a tutorial on that?

  6. what do yo mean>? i have no skype, please write it down so i can restore the white boxes permanent, i can restore it when i resize the widgets but stills comes back..

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