Android N: What’s New?

This is a quick overview of the major and minor new features in Android N.

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  1. Android N need snap shoot by cell phone camera and then can write or draw something on the photo screen to leave message and than share to friend same like how samsung note 3 had so convenient. Example I want to snap screen or taking photo by camera after I want write something on the screen and share to friend much easier. 

  2. It seems Google implemented split screen the same way Apple did, but backwards, as the docked app remains consistent on the left side, and the main app is passed around on the right side, whereas in iOS it's the opposite. I think the implementation of invoking split screen from the recent apps view is a bit more intuitive than iOS though, and it is nice that it can be done on the phone too even though there's very little pixel real estate.

  3. ~ "N" Stands for "Nothing New"
    ~ "N" Stands for "No standards"
    ~ "N" Stands for "No taste"
    ~ "N" Stands for "No optimisation"
    ~ "N" Stands for "No quality control"
    ~ "N" Stands for "Never QUITE caught up with iOS"
    ~ "N" Stands for "Nobody has a clue at Google"
    ~ "N" Stands for "New StageFright flaw discovered" (yes, another one!)
    ~ "N" Stands for "Now's the time to abandon Android, Google"
    ~ "N" Stands for "Now, go and buy that iPhone"
    ~ "N" Stands for "Now I bet you wish you'd not used Java for a phone OS"
    ~ "N" Stands for "Now go and collect that garbage"
    ~ "N" Stands for "Trash, to the power of N"
    ~ "N" Stands for "Next time, maybe… NOT."

    N: obody cares what it means.

  4. I think I've seen those notification features before, yeah I did, on iOS, at least the fact that you can respond or delete directly on the notification (message, mail or WhatsApp notification). And apparently night mode is a feature that is on the beta version of iOS 9.3 and that we should see on March 21st when Apple is going to introduce new products and maybe software.

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