Android N Split Screen Hands On

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Here’s a look at the new split screen mode featured in the Android N developer preview!
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Android N Preview Review:
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42 Comments on Android N Split Screen Hands On

  1. so I guess we gonna pretend that Samsung didn't start multi window in 2012 with the galaxy note 2, which other phalets including apples ios9 now uses which is now native on Android N? there's so many features that Samsung pioneered that they don't get credit for

  2. Thank you for your response! !!! You really respect your fans! !!!!! Maybe it's because I'm from Portugal , sheet country right? You just lost one subscriber and a fan. But I don't respect people who don't respect me or others minorities. Good life for you and your chanel, twitter. ……….

  3. So last year we all said finally Apple, and this year it's Google… Why has none of these enabled splitscreen before?

    But really, splitscreen on a phone is just not great, and a crazy hell to support for app developers, just like supporting the iPhone 4s, which is really annoying because of the screen ratio compared to other iPhones

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