Android N Developer Preview 3 – Nexus 6P

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Not a ton of changes to talk about…but have a gander if you’d like. Sorry for the lousy video quality, I still haven’t managed to get my lighting right. Blah.

Enroll for the Android Beta Program here:

Android N Developer Preview 2:

14 Comments on Android N Developer Preview 3 – Nexus 6P

  1. Please give as feedback in one week of it is ok for daily driver..! I want it sooo bad on my 6p but it has to be stable enough..! great video as always Jerome! Fan from a long time ago! ☺️

  2. Jerome should I use the developer preview or is it so buggy ?! I kinda like the new features but i don't want to reset factory my phone.
    BTW will you please review your new Dell XPS 15 ?! Thanks

  3. my notification light doesn't flash on and off , when I receive any text, calls , or any notifications from anyone or any app .. is it just me ?   Nexus 6P running Android N Preview 3 ..   somebody please comment ..

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