Android Marshmallow on Moto X Play – Almost unbelievable improvement

When we reviewed the Moto X Play a few months ago, we weren’t that impressed by the performance. It failed to load data in apps quite often, and left us generally frustrated at least once or twice a day. With Marshmallow, the difference is so vast, it’s hard to believe it’s the same phone.

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15 Comments on Android Marshmallow on Moto X Play – Almost unbelievable improvement

  1. On Marshmallow 6.0.1 now, battery still long lasting, just a solid phone ; midrange specs at a midrange price, no complaints. I took a chance buying this phone since my last two were "flagships" but this does the job just fine.

  2. everything went well with my update, except for the battery drain…. it's a miracle if I get it to last more than 24 hrs…. it says 20 hrs left at 99% …. any ideas of what might be the issue?

  3. Hello,
    Will the MHL to HDMI Cable able to work with my Moto X – Play to Sony Bravia Television ? If Yes then please suggest the best MHL / HDMI cable or adaptor which will work with Moto X – Play.

  4. Looking forward to your review and update to the Priv once it comes with Marshmallow! 🙂 Great to see you're really following Android devices and what happens to them once they can utilise Marshmallow!

  5. what….
    I just updated the moto x play and its sod all different, a clue, if your internet doesn't load for two minutes SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG. never ever experienced that in the months we have had this phone, but if I had, I would have taken the darn thing back.

    its not even my phone, its my partners, but I steal it when she is home as the bigger screen is preferable for a lot of stuff compared to my z3c.

    for the price, its amazingly good. was before and still is now.

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