AmpMe Bluetooth app connects more speakers than ever

AmpMe Bluetooth app connects more speakers than ever

Turning up the volume to your favorite music has got even higher with the latest AmpMe smartphone application, now available on iOS and Android.

This app enables multiple users to play their desired music so they can listen from their respective smartphones; nonetheless, the music plays on maintaining smooth synchrony throughout an entire session.


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Why AmpMe is unique?

When adding an extra speaker to your personal audio system becomes a necessity, yet skyrocketing costs are preventing you from notching up the volume?


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AmpMe transforms your smartphone into a receiver, and the same device can send out any audio signal to all its paired Bluetooth speakers available in its proximity. By maintaining absolute synchrony the audio file plays.

An outstanding music was played at the CES 2017 event flawlessly!

Usage guideline:

It has a simple user interface and the user is simply required to open the desired audio file in its default streaming software. The guest then simply needs to invite others for turning up the music.

Regardless the fact that existing Bluetooth speakers can pair up with multiple smart devices, but unable to play them all together in perfect coherency. The latest AmpMe formulates an entirely separate jukebox for spreading noise and give life to the world.

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This is something we have always wanted, but nobody seemed to take the initiative until now. If you also own a remarkable app like this, feel free to let TTN know as well as write about it.


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